Dove Shampoo Healthy Grow 170ML




  • The Ritual which has been practised by generations uses natural ingredients like Coneflower oil and white tea.
  • Which are known de-stressors to nourish hair and help it reach its natural growth potential keeping it healthy-looking and long, without worries of damage.
  • It is for Growing long Hair.
  • Combined with the care of Dove this shampoo can protect hair against daily damage instances like brushing, combing and tangle-teasing.
  • The formula reduces hair breakage hair fall enabling it to grow beautifully long.
  • The extracts of coneflower and white tea along with coconut oil indulge your senses with fresh flowery notes while leaving your hair healthy-looking and long.
  • It believes healthy hair can look good at any length as long as it is properly cared for.


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